Creative Commons: Concerns on Sharing Publicly Available Data

There is a report by NBC last month in which they emphasized on how IBM is improving the variation in facial recognition technology. A dataset with millions of Flickr photos is used for this. These photos are mostly creative licensed. This step of IBM raised the concerns about how IBM is disturbing the privacy by using a Flickr dataset of improving algorithms. Creative Common is looking forward to meeting with IBM officials to address the concerns on the sharing of publicly available data.

Creative Common (CC) is an American based organization that provide licenses and copyrights to someone’s pictures. Publicly available data have helped masses and paved the path to innovation and ideas generations. But after this issue, real concerns are raised that the pictures or data can be used for negative purposes that may have a bad effect on the community.

There are no facts at the moment about the dataset used by IBM, but here is a hope that the publicly available data will be used fairly. And freely to improve the AI. The license given by CC is for very specific usages. For some issues like individual privacy, copyrights are not a good option.  These are protected by public policies. The solutions will keep in mind the norms and law of CC licenses and publicly available images that are free to be shared online.

It is really hoped that this situation will be used to build principles and values of sharing. Proper discussion session should be arranged to shape the conclusions on issues of privacy, surveillance, and AI. The sharing of work is impacted by this.

This moment is being taken to discuss to improve artificial intelligence, that is being used for facial recognition, by using the content available on the internet.