Where to Find Licensed Creative Commons Pictures

Assignments are an essential part of education. Most of assignments are made on PowerPoint. Including images in assignment makes the audience understand it more rapidly and easily. Now the question that comes up on everyone’s mind is that where the Creative Commons (CC) licensed images be found. Here we provide you the website to find out images to be used in presentations:

Compfight :

It is a search engine where you can find Flickr images. Just search for the image in search bar and find the best one. By clicking the image, you will be directed to the Flickr page of that image and then you can select the size of that image.

Creativity 103:

Many of us lack in creative design ideas (Like what background to use, which color scheme) so here is Creative 103 that provides you with attractive backgrounds or images that may be used in presentations.


There are very few websites on internet that gives you access to science images. This website contains more than 4000 images that belongs to category of science and images.

Google Images:

Google the most widely used search engine on internet contains a category of images. It works by searching the topic and all related image will appear. Then select the size from the “Tools” in above menu.


Flickr, The largest picture database, provides some hundreds of millions of images. The flickr provides the audience to search and select the image according to the suitable licensed type.

Encyclopedia of Life:

The images of natures are the most attractive as well as widely searched images. Encyclopedia of Life provides the audience with approximately 3 million images that belongs to the category of nature.


LibreStock, the website that enable the audience to get images that are to be used even for commercial use.

Open Clip Art Library:

It provides more than 67000 images belonging to the different public domains. It is for public use as well as they are also available for requests.


Pexels is a website that provide images with that are licensed by Creative Common Zero (CC0). Images under this licensed can be used for commercial use. These images can be used by public for any legal use and can be copied or modified as per the requirements.


This website also allows the user to access 0.33 million images licensed under Creative Common Zero. That can also be used legally and modified as per the requirements.


Like other websites this also contains 65000 CC licensed images, video and audios.

The Stock:

Tis websites include thousands of images. These images are from CC and public domains. These images belong to the image database of Flickr. What makes this site different from others? this website allows the user to  directly embed the images for the site.


This website contains thousand to images licensed under CC0.


Photos on this website if of CC or public domain. This website allows the user to check the license when by hovering over the photo.


This website has thousands of high definition images licensed under Creative Common Zero.

Wellcome Images:

This website contains huge amount of historical collections of biomedical sciences and some hundreds years old manuscripts. This website contain more that hundred thousand images related to the profession of medical.

Wikimedia Common:

Wikimedia Common is a project of Wikimedia Foundation. This allows the user to access the images, audios and JSON files. This website is a collection of more than 25 million media files that are searchable by name and can be searched by genre.


The images on this prototype CC search access the user to thousands of images to be used and remixed using several open archives.