A little photography anyone?

So you’re thinking about purchasing Joseph’s packages? Well here are some important points to ponder:

– His Amended TOU gives you liberty to go off on your creations using his images. (Please be respectful of the freedom Joseph has given you guys. If you have any questions about a tag you’ve created with his images please feel free to send those to us for review before you send it out to your groups.)

– Both of the image packages we have released of Joseph’s contain just the images BUT the masked tube packs are completely over the top as far as images. What we have done is taken all of his images and created 4 masked tubes out of each image giving you a total of over 60 images in each pack. Whoa… that’s hard to pass up. If you decide to purchase the regular, complete images with the tubes you can create your own masks from the original image. You literally have thousands of possibilities.

Don’t know what a masked tube is? Well here ya go… a masked tube is basically the image with an effect applied to it on a separate layer. So when you open up the tube you will have the image in 4 different layers with each layer containing a separate effect giving you 4 different variations to use separately or many more variations when you use them together. I’m very excited about this becaucse I know signature groups members are going to come up with some great ideas using these images.

Here is Image #10 out of Package A with the different variations you get in the masked tube package:

Four different masks of the same image on a white background:

And you can also apply all of these masks together if you would like.

– Last but not least you are very welcome to use Joseph’s photographic images with practically any artist NOT in CILM and any artist in CILM as long as you give him appropriate credit: Photo © Joseph Gaston. *Note: Combining his images with other photographers is not allowed.

CILM would like to welcome Joseph and I can’t wait to see what you guys do with his great photography.

Anthony Guerra