Creative Commons Images

It is obvious that when a blogger starts its journey, they usually search images through google search engine. But the fact is, those images are either already used somewhere else or are restrictive because of copyright terms.

Creative commons are the best alternative to all those issues that a beginner could face regarding images. This allows authors and creators to distribute their work legally and for further use as well.

This blog explains all the quires that one can face while using creative commons. In order to have legal distribution of work, this blog shows that how to attribute images that published under particular license.

The free stock of photos can be download, no attribution is required.

Important Features?

Creative common is a well-renowned, non-profit organization that allow photographers and artists to label their content so that it can later be used by others as well. According to this, there are six different licenses that an artist can use. Each one of them has distinct features that is each allow different level of permitting a different level of legal rights to share the content or reused by the end user.

So, can you guess the appearance of these creative common licenses?  How do they look like? And what type of rights do they provide to the person who wanted to republish the licensed image?

Licenses of creative common

If someone wanted to use the licensed image on the blog, he or she must check the terms of the license. There are several images which only require you to attribute the work to the main author. But there are some other that include additional restrictions.

Here is an immediate of the several types of Creative common licenses available to publishers.


This is the most used license that offers large opportunity for sharing and republishing the content.  Under this you allowed to upgrade, modify and build your own content but it can happen only as long as you attribute the work to original author.

It is to be make sure that the original writer has not forced you to do so in any way.

Share Alike

As name indicates, under this license category, one can modify the article and build upon the original media, as long as you associate it with the main author and publish it with respect to the same license.

The particular image should not be place in other more restrictive terms and conditions.

No Derivs

Using this license is somehow tricky. This section restricts the activity of sharing and republishing. This allows only the exact copies of the work can keep into account. No edited versions of the work can be used.

In other words, the modifying, upgrading and building upon the original content is not done under this section.


This the most unique section, that allows you to do all type of modifications and editing, even building upon the original content. But the fact is that it cannot be republished for any kind of commercial use.

This license is very much affective for the business bloggers.  This is true that blogs are not itself stream of revenue, but they can somehow support and gather customers for a revenue generating business. Hence, it is the best way to avoid media under this license section if you are publishing to a blog of company, unless the media author says itself.

Non-Commercial-Share ALike

This permit carries the principles of the Non-commercial and share Alike licenses in the meantime.

While reusing these sorts of Imaginative pictures, you can redistribute, alter, and expand upon the original media as long as it’s not for a commercial reason, you credit the media to the original author , and you republish the picture under the equivalent Non-Commercial Share Alike permit as the original one.