Easiest Ways to Kill Bedbugs plus Useful Images

If there are bedbugs in your house, you may be wondering whether you will ever get a perfect solution. These bugs painfully pierce people’s skin to suck their blood. These bites often turn into itchy welts. That is not the only problem. The flattened bodies of these tiny animals make it possible for them to hide in almost any place.

I hope you can now see why many people claim they are unable to get rid of bedbugs. But is there a solution? Read on for 19 effective home remedies for bed bugs that will help you.

  1. Be Sure you are Dealing with Bed Bugs

Do you know the difference between ticks, fleas, bed bugs, and other insects? If you wrongly think you are fighting bed bugs, you will use inappropriate strategies and fail. You can compare the insect to the ones below or the others that the providers of creative images feature.

  1. Be Persistent

Do not throw away your beddings. That may never kill them. Instead, after correctly identifying the sects, stay calm and persistently use the right methods to eliminate them.

  1. Clean Your Household Items

Wash all your bedding and garments in boiled water. What’s more, dry clean your clothes. For those items that you cannot wash, wrap them in a transparent plastic bag and safely keep them outdoors where the temperature can hit at least 120°F.

  1. Don’t Spread the Bed Bugs

If you throw away your items that have bed bugs, you increase the problem. The insects will spread to your neighbor. Once you have treated your home, some of them will come back and make your effort worthless.

  1. Use Vacuuming

If you carefully vacuum your rugs, under bed legs, bed frames, and the cracks around your floor, you will successfully reduce the number of these insects. Remember, you can more easily kill some bedbugs than you think if you do it right. Once you have vacuumed these places, ensure you change the bag and place the used ones in tightly sealed plastic containers that are in a garbage bin. This way, you will limit their chances of escaping.

  1. Use Freezing Method

High temperatures can help you. But it is not perfect. If you can, ensure temperatures within your rooms remain very low for an extended period. Use efficient thermometers to monitor the room temperature accurately.

  1. Reduce Clutter

Some items do not stay in your house permanently. Remove and dispose them of in the approved places.

  1. Dismantle Bed Frames

As we have seen, bed bugs can obviously hide in bed frames. The best way you can expose them is to dismantle these frames. Once you have done this, you can apply these methods and get the best results.

  1. Remove Dresser Drawers

Bed bugs also like to hide in drawers. Remove them from the desks and dressers. Moreover, clean the hiding spots. This way, you will significantly reduce the number of these dangerous insects.

  1. Pull All Furniture from the Wall

If you look at the space between your furniture and the walls, you will likely see some bedbugs. The darkness attracts them. Ensure light penetrate these areas for the best outcome.

  1. Scrub Infected Areas

Use a stiff brush to dislodge the eggs. However, ensure you do not transfer the insects or their eggs to other areas. Avoid bristle attachment if you want to achieve this goal.

  1. Fill the Caulk and Seal

These are the holes where wires and pipes penetrate your walls. Reduce the harboring places by filling these cracks.

  1. Execute Bed Bug Inspection

Occasionally, use your naked eyes to look for signs that bed bugs are in your house. But you should often use a magnifying glass since the insects and their eggs can sometimes be challenging to see. Remember, this can help you to start the treatment before things get out of hand.

  1. Steam Carpets

Bed bugs hide under carpets too. Sometimes, high or low heat may not reach them as required. So, you should steam your carpets above 120°F to kill them.

  1. Use Insect Growth Regulator

If the infestation is small, buy the bed bug sprays that contain an insect growth regulator. They will automatically limit the growth of the insects.

  1. Use Oils

Some oils, such as neem and tea tree, do not kill bed bugs. However, they can help you to keep them away from you. Apply these oils at night since these insects are highly active at that time.

  1. Starve them

Bed bugs feed on humans’ blood. But they can also rely on other animals if necessary. If you are able, ensure that your rooms are not used for several days and no animal visits them. This way, some of the beg bugs will die due to starvation.

  1. Carefully choose your Treatment

Consider a wide variety of pesticides. You need to go for the solution that you can use without any difficulties.

  1. Turn to Professionals

If you are busy, hire a well-trained pest control professional. Be sure the company has a good reputation.

The Bottom Line

Bed bugs are a nuisance and may enter your home undetected. They are also difficult to eliminate. For you to kill them successfully, treat your house and use a combination of some of these tips too.